Graveyard, August 2014

underwater fordHi readers I guess am called Rusty. I know, I know, ha ha ha I don’t know what else I could be called. Do you have a name for me? Just let me know!

The only real thing I do know is that I was bought new in Los Angeles California In the 30’s. The Problem is that I was stolen in 1947 and driven to Las Vegas Nevada, and shortly after arriving the thief ditched me into Lake Mead after he was done with me! I was under water for 65 years!

That’s right readers 65 years! As the water has receded over the past few years I finally popped up out of the water! The Sheriffs Dept. came out to investigate me but nobody knows my real name so they called me Rusty.

No one, not even Bear from Cruisin Carolina Magazine, knows what my birth name is, or exactly when I was born? Some think my name is Ford?

Others say I was named Buick, Stutz, and one guy even said Reo? Reo? What the hell kinda name is that? I just can’t remember my name!

Damn, after sitting submerged all those years, my mind and body have virtually left me as you can see! I do know I have an inline six cylinder flat head engine and 3 speed manual transmission.

You know the first time I saw that sunshine again I thought someone would see me and drive me away! I had know idea how bad of shape I had gotten into! I look like I was driven in 65 winters in downtown Cleveland Ohio non stop! They lay down so much road salt there, that a new car is rotted away in 5 years!

Well I don’t know what’s going to become of me but I hope someone could find a use for me. I know I am incredibly lucky to be found, but I could become a conversation piece for someone, or something? If anyone knows my real name please let Bear from Cruisin Carolina know!

Well RUSTY all I can say is R.I.P. and hope someone would have use for you? Maybe a yard ornament or something, you never know!

Bear Out!