Graveyard October 2014


Hey Cruisin Carolina readers! My name is Charlene Chevelle from Raleigh North Carolina. I was born in Detroit Michigan and sold new at Bob Hook Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky. My original owner pampered me the whole time he had me! UNTIL HIS GRANDSON GOT ME. I know I am not much to look at, but just wait till you all see me at a car show soon!

 I moved to Raleigh North Carolina in 1976, and resided there until I was rescued from the driveway you see me sitting in, in the photo. Yes I am one of the lucky ones. My owner got too old to drive me in 1990 and I was parked in the garage. He then let his grandson have me but I guess I wasn’t cool enough for him.  He tinkered with me off and on from 1997 till 2007.  He never drove me or anything, just let me sit right here! Heck I have only got 54,000 miles on me! My 230 cubic inch engine and Powerglide are ripe for the pickin man!

 The kid just never really liked me, he called me ugly and all his friends laughed! He was only 15 years old when he got me, so what does he know anyhow? He said I was gag me green! I am Grecian Green! Well at least I was.  Man I am solid, and whole and run like a champ, even after sitting for years and close to going to a scrap yard. That would have sucked! How many 66 300 Deluxe Chevelles do you see anyhow??

 I was bought by someone you all know for a measly sum of $1,024 on Ebay! I thought my life was over, but when I was picked up by the guy he wasn’t going to strip me out, he was going to restore me!!!  Yes and I will be laser straight black finish now!! He even re-upholstered my seats. After a lot of thought he decided to put a 327 in me! Wow I can’t wait to get to my first show with the guy you all know behind the wheel too!

 I would tell ya who it is, but he wants to surprise you all, and I can’t wait! Charlenes my name and cruisins the game! I made it from the Graveyard to show winner in just 2 years. How happy am I, just ask the owner when you see me. Look for my new Redline tires too, and you will know it’s me!

 No RIP on this one!  See you at a show soon Charlene!……………………… Thanks for the ink Bear!

No problem Charlene! Bear out!