Graveyard, July 2014

Excuse me Mr. Ford, this is Bear with Cruisin Carolina and would like to know more about you and why you
are sitting here?

Hey there Bear. Good to see you!  I am a 1958 Ford
300 2 door sedan and I had a pretty rough life. I know
I look bad but my frame is not bent and I have very little
rust! I could be put back on the road with some work.
I was bought new in Phoenix Arizona at Fredonia Ford car and
truck sales. My original owner was a policeman from Goodyear
Arizona and he took very good care of me until he sold me to
another officer on the force in 1968.

I was used as a second car in his family. The second owner
then gave  me to his son to drive to high  school
in 1974. By 1974 my clutch was slipping and with 123,000
miles on the clock I was in need of several things!

I was sold once again in 1975 to a retired school
teacher and he fixed all my mechanical ills and drove me
until 1977 when my timing chain broke and my pistons hit my
valves. My interior was looking bad, so I was sold to the
scrap yard I am sitting in now and have been right here
since the spring of 1978!

I originally had a 3 speed manual transmission
and a 332 V-8 engine.  My engine and front clip were
stripped off of me in 1987.  A lot of people walk
around me and say they would like to have me, and do this
and do that, but talk is cheap and so far no takers!

I feel that I could make someone a good hot rod or drag car
too! So Bear please let them know that I am ready
and waiting for a restoration! I really appreciate what you
do Bear and thanks for coming out to see me.

Well thanks and Good luck 1958 Ford RIP!