Graveyard, June 2014

“Century” The 55′ Buick

Bear: Hi 55 Buick I am Bear with Cruisin Carolina Magazine and would like to interview you for our brand new website.

55 Buick: Sure I would love it Bear I haven’t heard anyone seeing you around much lately!.

Bear: OK go ahead then Buick, because we are back bigger and better than ever!

55 Buick: Hey everybody how are you? Let me introduce myself, I am 55 Century. Since 1955 I have had six owners and a couple different nick names, but I won’t tell you what they are!

I am so excited to be the first graveyard feature on the new CCM website, that if I could I would do some donuts for you but I can’t as you can see from the photo! Yes, I was towed to this salvage yard in 1987 and over the years people have plucked and prodded at me numerous times! There have been several that wanted me, to turn into a hotrod and I got excited, but to no avail.

You know over the years since I purchased new at the now debunked John Fredrick Buick-Olds-GMC of Austin, Texas I had been in 37 different states with three different families! My 321 cubic inch engine was rated at 236 horsepower and on an open road on a cool night I once reached a speed of 112 MPH! Now that doesn’t seem like much but for 1955 that wasn’t bad! Heck I could even get second gear scratch with my manual 3 speed trans!

My Willow Green paint has faded severely since sitting in this yard but I still have ZERO rust! I don’t know but someone somewhere someday is going to rescue me out of here, at least I hope. The 71 Pontiac sitting in front of me is all the time whining around about sitting here and I am sick of hearing it! I mean really a 71 Pontiac Bonneville 4 door? Who would ever want anything from him? I am surprised that he hasn’t been sent to the crusher yet! If he was melted down, and was now a new washer and dryer that would make me happy, because I am tired oh his constant complaining!

71 Pontiac: HEY 55 Century are you talking about me? I would talk about complaining, you don’t even have an engine and trans anymore WAH, WAH , WAH! At least my 455 and turbo 400 are still here! Just wait till someone finds me sitting here with my 335 horsepower still intact! I might make a nice washer and dryer, but what would you make? Maybe a whole truck load of curtain rods? Just shut up and quit bad mouthing me!

55 Buick: Hey 71 Bonnnnnn……….. just shut up and go back to sleep, no one was talking to you anyhow, I was talking to Bear from Cruisin Carolina Magazine! You got so many snakes slithering around in you no one dare get close to you anyhow! Furthermore 71 Bon, Bear is here to do a story on me not you, so just zip it up!

71 Pontiac: Well Century , out of respect for Bear I will just stay out of it. But don’t be bad mouthing me again, or I will make your life a living hell as if it already isn’t with all the mice residing in your seats!

55 Buick: Well Bonn you already do, listening to you whining and sniveling all night long sometimes! But I won’t tell Bear anything else about you again!

71 Pontiac: Century you better not or you will regret it!

55 Buick: Ok Bonn, go back to sleep!

Bear: Guys can’t we all just get along? Please!

55 Buick: Ok anyhow Bear sorry, as I was saying. Well what was I saying anyhow?

Bear: Well what was your most memorable experience Century?

55 Buick: Well believe it or not the coolest thing that happened to me was in 1975 my then owner put a new set of Michelin Radial tires on me and I will never forget that? It was unreal how much better I felt on those new radial shoes as they were soft and made me much better in the corners when going to fast for comfort. Other than the radial tires I think the other big thing in my life would have been that fateful day in Texas when JFK got shot I was part of the motorcade toward the rear, when my owner had a whole troop of boy scouts on board for a meet and greet when we got to the destination we were headed to. It was a very sad day for all involved! That’s something I will never forget.

Bear: Wow that’s unreal!

55 Buick: Yes it was! I don’t know what else to tell you, but I appreciate your time Bear.

Bear: Ok Century thanks for your time I have got a couple more interviews to do while I am here, so have a good one and I will let everybody know you are here RIP 55 Buick!