Graveyard ’67 Camaro



Wow, what you wouldn’t give have taken care of this one!  Sitting for the last 30 years in a guys back yard on the outskirts of Mooresville NC is this once beautiful 67 Camaro 327 with a factory manual floor shift 3 speed.

   The story goes like this, It was bought new at a dealer in Salisbury NC and was originally owned by a Piedmont airlines employee. After putting a scant 47,000 miles on it, it was traded in and purchased by the gentleman that owns it now.

    After adding another 74,000 miles on its clock it was in need of freshening up . Then the clutch went out in 1986, but he kept saying he was going to restore it someday. We all hear these stories every time we see a car sitting and slowly returning to dust, into the earth.

    Over the years thieves stole the doors and seats out of it, so the owner just gave up.  He ended up selling  the steering column, and numerous other things off of it whenever he could.

    It is a tragedy that cars like these just sit until they are so far gone you would have a fortune into a restoration. For now it is home to a raccoon and a few mice. Past its prime and death is all it knows now.

 RIP 67 Camaro!  Bear out!