Graveyard July 2016

Being born in 1958 was a cool year but I wasn’t as good looking as my 1957 brothers and sisters! By the way let me introduce myself, I am Bernie Biscayne. I led a great life, and spent most of my life in Galax Virginia. I was purchased new in Mt. Airy NC in the fall of 1957.

 My owner was a Police officer in Wytheville Va.   He drove me faithfully every day for about 15 years. He was good to me and I was good to him. I peaked out at 147,819 miles and my 235 was using oil and needed a rebuild.. He decided to trade me in at the Chevrolet dealership in Wytheville.

 He purchased a new 1974 Chevrolet Caprice. I was put on the dealers lot in the back row bargain section. I only sat for a couple months, and a young 19 year old purchased me. My new owner put a 327 and a four speed Muncie in me. He then had just watched the new movie that was out American Graffiti! He wanted to look like the 58 in the movie so that is why I look like I look! He put a great paint job on me!  It was cool, and the girls loved it. He drove me and hot rodded me until 1977 at which time he was married and kind of just parked me. After years of sitting my engine froze up one cold winter day because of water instead of anti-freeze in me, and ruined my engine. After selling many parts off the car I was sold to a salvage yard in Tennessee and I still sit here today.

 As a matter of fact I have sat in this spot for over 37 years! I may need floor pans, trunk pan, and front fenders, but I could still make someone happy!  Please help me! If it wasn’t for Bear from Cruisin Carolina Magazine you wouldn’t even know I was here, and I need rescued.

 Tell Bear you want to rescue Bernie Biscayne Please?

 Well Bernie we will see what we can do to help! Till next month Bear out!