Graveyard March 2017


Ok, Mopar guys here is a 64 that will make you cry!

  Hi, let me introduce myself. I am Frank Fury and also known as “Ole Red” .   I was born on January 7th 1964 and l had a great life until I was put out to pasture on September 30th 1982. I have been sitting in various places in and out of garages all over Ohio since 1982. As you see my photo I am a little skeptical about my future. Can anyone please save me?

  I was bought new by a school teacher at Wm. Leohr & sons Chrysler – Plymouth in Chippewa Lake Ohio. I started out life as a Turquois Poly color, and spent my entire life within 15 miles of where I was bought new. I shuttled my new lady owner everywhere for 9 years before she traded me in on a new 1973 Chevrolet Vega at Jack Sommer Chevrolet in Wadsworth Ohio. As I sat in the back row of that Chevy dealer I was bypassed by everyone that walked by.  Hey I only had 72,000 miles on me and was in excellent shape too. My 318 started and ran perfectly! They only wanted $395.00 for me?  After 45 days a young man stopped by and took me for a drive and thought I was great. He was able to drive me away for only $310.00 tax included!

  My new owner was an owner operator truck driver. He loved Mopars and had driven them his whole life. He drove me for a few months and decided to make me his part time drag race car! As you know it’s nothing but fun to go fast. First he just put dual exhaust on me and I was running high 15 second times in the quarter mile. Then he put headers and a cam, intake and Holley carburetor on me.  I was then running mid 14 second times! He then changed my rear gear ration and bolted slicks on me. I was now dipping into the high 13 second times! Damn it felt good.  One Sunday afternoon while rolling down the quarter mile I broke a rocker arm shaft and dropped a valve down the cylinder and I was done.  This all happened in the summer of 1974.

  My owner parked me in the garage and decided to make me into a full time drag car wah hoo! As he fixed me up I was painted Plymouth Ruby Red and had a new fiberglass hood scoop installed so I could get more air to my Carburetor. He put a 440 out of a big ole New Yorker in me with more modifications than I can remember as well as a four speed transmission and a Dana 60 rear end!  The first time out I was running 12 flat in the quarter mile and with some tuning got into the 11’s!

  For seven years I won many races and had a lot of fun. My owner got married had kids and I was parked. I didn’t run for almost 10 years and he got me out one day and got me running only to sell my engine and transmission. The rest of my life has been moving from one garage to another until I was literally parked for good in this spot over 14 years ago. My owner has now passed away and no one even looks at me anymore. Here I sit just slowly rusting away in the harsh Ohio climate, no title and no love from anyone………….I fear my end is near, can you help me?



RIP Frank we will be thinking about you……………………………………..Bear out!