Graveyard May 2016

Hey all, how are you? This is my big day! My name is Cammy Camaro and I was born on Nov 17th 1966.  I have been sitting here for almost 27 years now.

 I want to thank Bear, from Cruisin Carolina Magazine, for giving me the chance to tell you my story.

 On that cool afternoon in late Nov. 1966 I sat shining on the front row at City Chevrolet in Charlotte Nc.  My beautiful Granada gold Poly paint glistened in the sun that day as a young school teacher from Huntersville NC decided to check me out!  My original owner was a beautiful blonde lady that just went nuts when she saw me.

 She told the salesman a young Rick Hendrick, that she would love to test drive me because she liked me better than the new Mustangs, and her father had always been a Chevy man.

 Rick told her it would be the perfect car for her, that it was reliable and economical to maintain.  I had a 210 horsepower 327 V-8 with a 2bbl carburetor and a Powerglide transmission. I also had and still have my factory AM push button radio with rear seat speaker. I ran like a top and handled much like a Corvette of the early 60’s!

 After she purchased me I made many trips to Myrtle Beach and a few to Daytona Beach Florida. She took great care of me and really pampered me for the first 10 years of my life. She got married in 1977 and I was traded in at the same lot I was bought off of when brand new. With just over 100,000 miles on my clock I was still reliable and ready to go. Her and her new husband got a new 1977 Chevy Blazer to replace me with that had much more room.  They thought maybe they would start a family. I really miss her!

 About 90 days later, sitting in the back row of the dealership lot a young 17 year old kid and his father took me for a spin. The father said “yes” to the salesman and told the boy that he had better not miss a payment or he would take the car away. I was happy he really liked me.  He even installed a FM converter so we could listen to all the FM stations.  He worked at a car wash in the evenings and weekends so I was always clean.

 Then it happened…….one of his friends had a 68 Camaro with a 396 and told him he needed to soup me up because I was a dog!  Well he first bought an aluminum intake and a Holley Carburetor and bolted it on me. Wow, I never gulped so much gas and air in my life!  Then he gave me a brand new set of Cragar S/S mag wheels, damn I looked good.  He then unbolted my original exhaust system and gave me a set of Hedman Headers and a set of Cherry Bombs! It wasn’t a good thing though. Every time he looked in the rear view mirror he was getting pulled over for me being too loud!

 Honestly it was ok at first but he ran me so hard that my piston rings kept hitting the ledge that was worn into my cylinder walls and it wasn’t long and I started using oil. It got to the point people were making fun of me. I used a quart of oil to a tank of gas just from my abuse.  I even got beat by a new smog hog 78 Z-28 in a drag race one night, and it was embarrassing.

 Him and his friends pulled my 327 out and were going to rebuild it.  I ended up sitting in a driveway for over 4 years. My paint started fading and he even took my FM converter out to put it into one of those hippy vans he was driving at the time, my replacement I guess.

 So in 1983 he sold me to a guy with my 327 in pieces. My new owner bought a used 350 out of a wrecked truck and put in me and started driving me again though in 1989 after much abuse and several small fender benders he pulled my engine, and here I sit.  Will I ever get out of here and be resurrected? I am hoping. Every so often someone looks at me and scabs a few parts as I silently weep. I just sit and sit and sit. I can hear the cars going by on the distant highway, but no one notices me sitting way out back here.

 Can someone help Cammy Camaro? Or will it be RIP my friend. Bear out until next month.