Letter From the Editor August 2014

Stop signs! Traffic lights? Do they really mean anything anymore?

It just seems as if a red light is a suggestion to some drivers. I think we could really put a dent in our national deficit just in fines for that violation alone.  I saw a lady today 500 feet from a light that turned yellow and ready to go red just floor it and hope for the best.  As others left the light they had to check up to keep from hitting her.  I think she was lucky that the opposing drivers were paying attention, or she would have had a really bad day.

This is funny, and I don’t care who you are………….watch the people that run the red lights while making a right or left turn. They will never make eye contact with you? They know they shouldn’t be doing it, so they are to embarrassed to look at you! They think if they don’t look at you, they won’t get ran into, or see the bird you just flipped them!!

Stop signs, well where do I start? Remember what drivers education taught you when you were 15 or 16 years old? If you get to a 4 way stop at the same time the driver on the right has the right of way. Did they change the law on that one, and I just don’t know about it? Oh and how about the rolling stop? I was sitting at a local restaurant about a month ago on their patio which sits 20 feet from a 4 way stop and 76 of 124 vehicles rolled through the intersection without stopping in a 40 minute time frame? Maybe they were trying to save brake light fluid?

Oh and the texters?  You cannot drive anywhere, at any time, without seeing it? First, there are the willy weavers going left of center that you think may have been drinking, to the people sitting at a green light in their own little world staring at their laps grinning. When is it going to stop? It truly is an epidemic out there! What could be so important that you need to answer those damn things anyhow? In my day before cell phones and such, what was so important that we had to be connected 24 / 7? In the office I work in, the younger generation has quit talking and just text everything? Two doors down from my office I will get a text from someone and I will get up and say REALLY I AM RIGHT HERE! It never ceases to amaze me, I guess I don’t get it. If you have something to say freaking call me, and if I don’t answer leave me a message.

I think when I get old and feeble I am going to join the LLIC.  What is the LLIC you ask? It is the Left Lane Interstate Club! Yes that’s right! I am going to get on I-85 or I-77 and pull into the left lane, and never move out of it, and drive 5 miles per hour under the posted speed limit just to piss you off. What the hell is wrong with people anyhow? What is so hard about pulling that directional signal lever up and moving out of the way? Road rage isn’t caused by speeders. It is caused by idiots in the left lane. Heck I won’t say anymore about directional signals that would be a whole other chapter!

Keep those Hot rods under control as we enjoy the another great season of cruising to our favorite car shows! And don’t let the non drivers piss you off, because you cannot fix stupid!

Have a good one till next month……….Bear out!