Letter From the Editor July 2014

It seems like you can’t plan on going anywhere lately with all these pop up showers. Nothing is worse than spending countless hours cleaning your ride to just drive into a total down pour and get it all dirty again!
The weather man is never right, or at least he isn’t half the time anyhow.  There are so many good cruise-in’s and shows to go to you just don’t know where to go next!
Recently a new Quick Trip gas station was built near me, and I found out they sell regular gasoline with no Ethanol added!  Just look for the red handled pumps. They call it EO87 I believe? One of the worst things on older carbureted cars is gasoline with alcohol in it. It eats up gas lines and needles and seats. One guy even showed me the metering block off of his Holley carburetor, and man it was just all pitted up around the power valve area.  If at all possible try not to run it in your older car. It may take a couple years, but it does damage to your fuel system in some way or the other.   MY old 1968 307 Chevy 2 bbl  engine in my Impala actually runs better since getting rid of the alcohol mixed gas!  I say eat the corn and burn the gas!
Anyhow we appreciate all the positive comments on the new website since June 11th too! We are still receiving shows to be put on the event calendar at a great rate, so bear with us as we get them on there as  it takes Cindy a lot of time to do that in the evenings.
Let us know which shows you go to that we need to attend so we can come and get some photos! The more places we go to, the more photos we can get so you guys can see what a place is like before you go! We will let you know if something isn’t worth going to.
The Dale Earnhardt show was a huge success again this year, so make sure you check it out and put it on your calendar for next year!
Well ,we hope it gets dry so we can go to more cruises.  We will see you down the road.  Till next month don’t feed the bears, and keep the dirty side down!
Thanks Bear!