Letter From The Editor, April 2016

Hey cruisers I am back,

As the sun was rising Saturday morning I was rolling down the highway in my 69 Bel Air with the window rolled down smelling the early morning spring air, and lightly rowing through the column mounted 3 speed manual trans. My 250 6 cylinder could barely be heard. What a treat, and no traffic early in the morning with no morons texting in my lane in front of me, or coming at me.

Ah what a beautiful morning as I rolled into the local coffee shop. I then sat down reading the Charlotte Observer as I listened to the birds chirping in the distant trees. I thought again what a beautiful morning.

As I started leafing through the paper I thought to myself, why the heck is the HB2 and LGBT debate doing on every other page? What in the world is going on here? I don’t know about you but I have had enough of all this political correctness in our country!

How can such a small percentage of the population cause so much uproar? YA DA, YA DA, YA DA!  They want their rights; well with all this political correctness crap they have more rights than we do in my opinion.  I swear the Charlotte Observer leans so far left that you have to lay on your left side to read it.  OK, OK enough of that!

Thank God there is a great car show to go to. It makes you think about how things used to be. As Cindy and I took the Bel Air out for a spin that afternoon we decided to go to the Randy’s BBQ Cruise in in Troutman NC.  It is right in the center of town and has great parking right across the street.  Even the owner gets excited looking at the cars and thanks everyone for showing up.

It is a great cruise-in and a great place to take the wife and kids if you want to! It was so much fun on a Saturday night to sit and chat with other like-minded people. Old cars have a way of reaching back to better times, simpler times if you will. There is nothing quite like hearing a 440 Chrysler cruising in with its muffled exhaust singing a great old song of days gone by.

I saw three 1957 Chevy’s there, and each car and driver had its own personality and it was great.  Yes folks cars from the 1920’s to the 1980’s were there, and we never even had to hear or look at a Honda with one of those tomato juice can mufflers!

Yes it was great hearing the Big Blocks and Small Blocks rumble in and out from an era that I just can’t get enough of.  If your reading this you really need to take the family out to the cruise-in with or without your ride, and to have a great meal at Randy’s!  Believe me it is worth the drive no matter where you live!

Be safe watch out for the texters! Talk to you next month. BEAR

  Randy’s BBQ Cruise-in 103 N Main St, Troutman, NC 28166 4/16/2016 thru 10/15/2016 3rd Saturday of the month 20% off your meal if you’re driving a Hot Rod Parking across and behind Randy’s, all cool cars!    Cruise time 4:30 to 9:30