Letter From the Editor, April 2017

If I was in charge for a day, what would I change immediately? Here’s a list!

  I would outlaw all load mufflers on these little zing zing foreign cars! Do they actually think it sounds good? Crap!

You would get a 6 week license suspension for these following  violations, running red lights, not using directional signals, driving when its dark without your lights on!

Ok this new rule would be six months in jail if caught. Texting and driving, and don’t care if you are sitting at a red light doing it. How many times has the green light came on and there you sit? These people shouldn’t be on my highway causing traffic jams and accidents, as well as road rage.  Also the second time you get a year in jail, then the 3rd time you lose your license for life!   To extreme? I don’t think so!

All these stupid colored lights plastered all over your cars, its a law lets start enforcing it!  I mean green and blue headlamps? Blue lights on your wipers etc.  Also 2 head lamps not 6 or 12!  How do they get away with it while blinding us?

Dumb people who cover their tail lights with the see through black lenses. You can’t even see their lights when the sun is shining on them. Who do they think they are the Nightrider?

Another one is ruining a perfectly good late model diesel pickup truck by taking the exhaust off of it. Just dumb!  Its like, wow look at my black smoke billowing out. I am a man dudes!

Bringing motorcycles to a car show? Do you see cars at a motorcycle show? That’s what I thought.

People should be arrested and jailed if they don’t know what ” American Graffiti is. The worlds greatest movie!

Decals on vehicles that warn you not to stick your hands in places they shouldn’t be while the vehicles are running, Fan blades, lawn mower decks etc? Just dumb.

If you disrespect any law enforcement officer for any reason, you’re going to jail with a bloody nose. No whining about it either.

 We need to send all druggies to an island of there own, and let them all live together, have a good time!

All real cars should have chrome bumpers!

Ok that’s a few changes I would make on the first day!

Bear out have a great day!