Letter From the Editor, August 2016

  Wow the heat! Is it just me or has it been hot, hot ,hot!  Heat must be getting to people.  The last 2 weeks I have seen people fighting, throwing punches, literally, and yelling, cussing, and whatever over parking spots at cruise-in’s. A freaking parking spot! I just cannot believe it. I was at a car show and won’t mention which one, but there were at least 200 open parking spots at this venue and a lady drove up and told me I might want to move my feet so she didn’t run over them?

   By the way I was very comfortable in the position I was in, and told her to have at it! You could have drove an 80 foot long semi-truck past where I was sitting?  It wasn’t like she was in a 59 Cadillac, it was a late model Camaro. I think with everything going on it has to be the heat. I never thought I would see something like this at an event in which we are supposed to be having fun and socialize with like-minded people.

   It could be the liberal left wing biased media putting everyone on edge also. Our choice this fall will be very crucial to our way of life in this country. Remember whoever wins will be putting supreme court judges in place. We are 2 to 2 right now. Liberal to Conservative! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clone of President Regan running right now, but we don’t so the 2 we have is it!  Can you imagine Hillary running this country? She could be the first President in history to be wearing an ankle bracelet in the oval office.

   I just want to also say recently we have lost 2 great car guys in tragic accidents. Jimmie Long and Jeff Archer were car guys through and through. Both will be greatly missed by their families and all of us.  I think we need to shake a hand, and give a hug, because life is very, very, short. None of us know how much time we have left on this old lump of clay, but let’s make the best out of it while we are here, and not get upset over a stupid parking spot.

   Till next month please be courteous out there and lets enjoy our hobby…………Bear