Letter From the Editor, February 2017


     1967 was the year!  I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on the front steps of my childhood home with my father. It was early September at about 8pm one night, as I looked out the front window and saw my father sitting there by himself drinking an Old Dutch Beer. (remember that nasty tasting stuff?)
    Anyhow, I walked out there and sat down with him.  I asked, “What are you doing?”  He said, “Watching for the new 1968 model cars.”  I said, “Why, and how can you see them in the dark anyhow?”  He said that the government mandated that all new 1968 model cars had to have side lights for safety reasons.  That sounded crazy to me at 10 years old.
    My father said yes, it was a way to see them easier from the side, making them more visible at night. Ok, I then understood that. That night we saw many new 68’s in the hours time that we sat there.  Since the 68’s had been offered for sale for over 2 weeks by then how many would we see?  The one I really remembered was a 68 Road Runner because it was pretty noisy compared to some.  I would assume that back then someone had taken the stock exhaust off of it , and put headers and glass packs on it with no tailpipes, crazy loud! Heck for all I know it could have been a Hemi, dog gone it!
    That spring I remember going to the local Chevrolet dealer, Galluci Chevrolet in Medina Ohio to buy a new Chevrolet Belair wagon.  As we pulled into the lot in our 1963 Chevrolet Impala wagon I remember all the beautiful new Chevy’s in the front row of the lot, and showroom.  As the salesman greeted my father he was trying to show him cars that they had in inventory to sell him. My father told him no, that he wanted to order exactly what he wanted.  As we sat in his office I remember staring at a brand new 68 Chevelle SS396 blue with a white convertible top sitting in the showroom!  Damn that thing was beautiful. As my father went through the options the salesman kept trying to tell him he needed the optional 396/325 HP engine since he was going to pull our camper with it. But in the end he got the 327/275 HP engine and it did a fine job as I remember.
    Wish I had that car today it was light blue with medium blue interior with AC,PS,PB,FM, and posi rear-end!  It was a nice ride and a 9 passenger wagon to boot!  On the long trips sitting in the rear watching the world go by in reverse was fun since you were sitting looking out the rear window.
    How cool would it be to turn back the hands of time, knowing what we know now! For me it would have been the 427/385 HP option!

Till next month keep the dirty side down. Bear out!