Letter from Editor June 2014

Letter from Editor June 2014

In 2007 we launched this website as a precursor to the print magazine. The print magazine was a lot of work and after 4 years of doing it, I could no longer work my real job and was only getting 4 hours of sleep a night on average!

It was at that point I ended up in the ER one day for chest pains. I was working my real job on a Nascar team as well as traveling to 4 or 5 cruise-in’s and shows a week. Taking photos, writing stories, and I had 2 guys on the road selling advertising. It came to the point that I wasn’t having fun anymore, and under severe stress trying to juggle all these things around. So under the advice of my doctor I just had to give it up.

We had almost 5,500 subscribers to the magazine! It was hard to let go, and our website was the only thing left that was manageable. We went through 3 different web designers in 5 years all promising a better format, and much better upgrade each time! I was never so displeased as I have been with the crappy website that we just took off! I personally hated it, and couldn’t get the guy to do it right the way I wanted it? So now as you search this site designed by Chad Austin you will see its the best yet!

Yep, I am a car guy and that’s why I do it to begin with. I love old cars and cruis-ins where you will always be able to sit back and enjoy seeing what is out there. You will now be able to submit photos of your favorite car shows too! Lynne D’Aloiso is also taking photos of cruise-ins and shows that her and her husband Ed attend. I want to personally thank her for her hard work also! I will be sharing photos with you that go all the way back to 2007 as we get this Site revved up and going!

The print magazine may be gone, but this site is, and will be the place to go for everything going on in the Carolinas!

Each month I will have a new letter from the Editor, NEW Graveyard articles, and a feature car of the month, and it could be your car or truck!

Just so you know we will have the Stewart Haas racing………….Hot Rods at the Race shop show again! We had a new building being built to help with the fourth Nascar team that was formed, and the new F-1 team that Gene Haas is forming. Last year with the construction it was impossible to have good show with all the dirt and dust ! Stay tuned!!!!!

Please e-mail us anytime with suggestions on how we can make website better for you! Remember without our advertisers on this site, it would be hard to keep it going, so support them if you can!

Thanks Gary Geissman!