Letter From The Editor, June 2016

Ok its June and cruising in your ride is in full swing. The question this month would be, what do you like better? Do you like car shows or Cruise-ins better? There are some that say the cruise-ins are more fun, but some say they like the shows better. There are some people who love car shows with the trophies and the bragging rights to go with it. My car is better than yours is! Just remember everyone has put many hours and dollars into their vehicle. Some people I have seen get mad if they don’t win. They say my car is a lot nicer than his or her car! I don’t know how he won and I didn’t? Just remember when your car is judged by normal car guys or gals we all have our own personal preferences on makes , models, colors and so forth. So I say don’t get mad and don’t take it personal, you are just having fun any how right?

I guess it’s a matter of preference. If you like to show up at a cruise-in and just sit around with friends, and tell stories and watch the cars and people slide by it is definitely fun.  The thing about car shows according to many of my friends is they all seem to start at 7AM in the morning and be all done by 2 pm. So I say if you are having a car show for a benefit of some kind, why not let people sleep in a little and start it at Saturday at noon or 1pm?  I say you will have more people show up. Also you could have many more spectators also. Have some good music and other activities going on also. Let it go on till 7 or 8 o’clock into the evening and make a day of it.

When you plan a car show on a Saturday, and even a Sunday for that matter, find out what other shows and or cruise-ins are in your area first. Many people tell me after they go to church on Sunday why not have something car wise to do in the afternoon or early evening to make a relaxing day out of it?

Well that’s my 2 cents worth on Shows VS Cruise-in’s

I would love to hear some input from others on these 2 distinctively different things. Send me an E-mail and I will share your thoughts with others. Remember on many Saturdays there could be as many as 7 to 10 different shows or cruises in a 30 square mile area………take your pick because our hobby is alive and well. Can we make it better?

Talk to ya next month!  Bear out!