Letter From the Editor March, 2017


  Dog gone it, I am mad, and I don’t like it.  Why do simple jobs take so long to get simple parts!

  Ok is it just me, or are others experiencing these important problems lately? I know we are getting older, and so are our collector cars, but what is going on in the collector car parts market. Simple things like the other day I needed a set of brushes for a factory  1960’s or 70,s starter for a big block Chevy. I just wanted to freshen it up a little before installing it. I went to Advanced Auto, they said HMMM, I could have you a set on Wednesday?  Now this was a Monday morning so Wednesday was out of the question. “I said you have got to be kidding me?”

   In their junk isle I could have picked up about 15 different kinds of Chrome valve caps, widgets, decals, colored lights, little smelly skull and cross bones air fresheners for whatever car I wanted them for!  Let’s talk about real parts not plastic junk!  All I needed was a $3.99 set of freakin’ brushes for my starter not a candy bar, or widgets for my muffler bearings!  They said nobody installs them any more they just buy a rebuilt one, not me I want my stuff right, especially on a numbers matching car.  Let’s see $99.39 vs. $3.99 you make the call.

    Incidentally, I finally found a set of brushes at an Auto Zone store later that day but still had to wait 6 hours for them to bring them into the store from a warehouse. Well, at least it was still Monday.  So what if it took me 6 hours more than it should, it was a simple small part that thousands of people have in their cars rolling down the road every day. Too bad I wasn’t in the market for some fuzzy dice they had plenty of them hanging on the shelves.

    Let’s talk brake parts for a mid-1960’s muscle car as an example. Try to find some that are not made in China. What a bunch of JUNK people!  Everything you get now days is China, China, China! Maybe Trump can turn this around so we can put some quality back in our cars. The last brake job I did I literally had to drill holes into the shoes to attach them to the backing plate because they were not in them.  Chinese brake drums, are a whole new story because they are made out of cheap ass materials, and if you get them really hot, just order another set because they are throw a-ways.

    Another problem are the aftermarket Chinese made body panels, what junk they are. 90% of them do not fit properly unless you spend 2 hours, hacking, cutting, welding, and grinding on them to fit.  It’s just sacrilegious to drive a 55 Chevy around with Chinese fenders on it, isn’t it?  I would feel a little sick to my stomach doing it myself!  Of course I am a little anal about stuff like that anyhow.

  We really know how to make these parts in this country so why not start again now!