Letter From the Editor May 2017

So as you know cruising to diners and restaurants have always gone hand in hand. Am I the only one that has these annoying questions about our cruising to our favorite car show or cruise spot and going to the eatery?

Some things that get me fired up are the following…………..

Why is it that you order something at many places and they throw that nasty ass sliced dill pickle on your plate? I freakin hate them, and they don’t even ask if you want it?  Do they think it looks cool? That nasty juice gets on my burger bun, and that’s all you taste? Gag me and please stop it!

Ok here’s another pet peeve of mine. You sit down in the booth with your friends and the menus are held up on the table with the mustard and ketchup bottles? I mean really? When you want the ketchup and mustard there they go all over the place knocking your drinks over in your lap and everything. It really has happened more than once. Would it be so hard to make a holder to put them in please!

Oh and while I am at it lets please wipe the menus off once in a while, or even replace them! I hate to wear gloves just to look at your menu!

Another one is please hire waitresses that do not have nose rings, lip rings and stuff stuck through their tongues, we just don’t want to see it. It just amazes me that these people think it’s cool while ruining our appetites.

If you sit down to eat, and can’t even see the menu because it’s so dark, what are they hiding?

It’s really bad when you get your food and they come back and say……..anything else I can get you?  Yes, please get me a fly swatter!  There is no excuse for flies everywhere if you keep the place clean. Sometimes there are so many flies that you need an air traffic controller to keep them in check!

Please wipe the salt and pepper shakers off at least once a month, I mean really, come on!

So your half ways through your meal and you have not seen your waitress since she sat the food down. I want another drink please, but nobody is paying attention because the staff is huddled in the corner with their cell phones texting there BFF’s! Put the damn phones away and don’t get them out again until you are off work! If I had a restaurant I would tell my employees you’re FIRED if they did that. It will affect your tip also!

Waitresses please don’t wear the same dirty clothes you wore yesterday. I know we have all seen it. Your server is just crusty dirty, and there is no way it happened in one shift. Employers please make sure they have uniforms so they all look professional, it will go a long way with your customers.

 I love coffee but, after I get my cream and sugar in the cup please ask before walking by and topping it off. I had it mixed exactly like I wanted it and boom you top it off, I appreciate it but please ask first.

 I could go on and on but, last but not least…………… I do not appreciate sitting in your booths that are so bad that the duct tape is sticking to my ass!  If things are that bad raise the damn prices please!  Duct tape tells me you say I just don’t care anymore and Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible is on the way!

Ok have fun cruising see ya somewhere I am certain!  Bear out!