Letter From the Editor, September 2017

Is it just me or does there seem to be an overwhelming amount of road work everywhere you go around the Charlotte area? Within a 7 mile radius of my office you cannot go anywhere without a line of traffic stopped, with orange signs and cones everywhere.

You would think the county and state would coordinate construction jobs so as not to impede the flow of traffic as much. Also, the accidents I see daily are just crazy; my God people put your damn phones down! What is so important that you have to text 24/7?

Oh and texters, we can see you doing it even though you try to hold your phones down below the window level. I really think that texters are the number one cause of accidents. I see no other reason for your inattention as your sailing down the road. You see them every day looking down as the light turns green and they just sit there. You blow your horn and up comes there head looking in the mirror, and then they floor it and flip you the bird. So what if 10 of your fellow motorists don’t make the light because of your dumb a** ! You text and are in your own world it seems. Does anyone talk on phones anymore? They outlaw truck drivers from using phones because they say it’s dangerous? Truck drivers have been talking on CB radios for 50 or 60 years, so what’s the difference?

You know what the problem is, it’s stupid people who do not take driving seriously when they are behind the wheel. I say watch what you’re doing while driving and we could probably increase the flow of traffic and reduce accidents 90%!

When your cruising in your hot rod or classic be on the defense at all times! Be safe and let’s cruise.  See ya somewhere if we survive our drive!  Bear out!