Letter from the Editor, April 2018

Well, here we go again, a new cruising season is upon us!  We have finally got our guy to get the website running correctly again. It seems like every couple years the damn thing quits functioning for some reason.

Just remember when submitting shows on here that you only have to submit it one time. Some people send them 10 times in a row, thinking they just go on immediately. That is not the case.  All shows have to be reviewed by us, and sometimes it may take a few days before they get on there.   We try to make it as user friendly as possible, but we must look at things before they go on the site.

I just got back from the Run to the Sun in Myrtle Beach and it was bigger, and better than last year. The weather was windy, but sunny and fairly warm. It was a whole lotta fun as usual,  and the Pee Dee Street Rodders did a wonderful job making it happen again this year!

I left the show very early on Saturday morning to head back to the Charlotte area. It was fun but just wanted to get home as I was there since Thursday. As I was cruising home in my 69 Bel Air,  I felt like I was floating on air with my 250 6 cylinder singing me a song. It was a beautiful cool morning, and the sun had just peaked up over the horizon. No one was on the road in either direction as far as the eye could see.  I was right at 70 mph and I had just reached down to turn on some beach music to make the trip more enjoyable until I got to Monroe NC, and stop at the Hill Top restaurant for breakfast.

At that moment in a split second my car sucked sideways about 1 foot toward the left lane, and I had a cold chill run through my body, you know the feeling! Now remember, for all intents & purposes, it was still dark outside. The sun had just cracked over the horizon. I had just looked into the rearview mirror just 3 seconds before I turned some music on.

A NC State Trooper passed me at  no less than 140 MPH with NO LIGHTS, SIREN , HEADLAMPS, NOTHING!  He had that Hemi Charger just screaming! I thought, holy crap, what is wrong with that guy?  I have a lot of respect for our troopers, but what the heck was he doing? Maybe he just seeing how fast it would go? I don’t know?  I really couldn’t believe how fast he was going and I am a pretty good judge of speed. I was on a four lane highway, but it was crazy. I was only about 1 mile east of Maxton on 74, you know the road, straight as an arrow.

I never saw him again and he was out of site in less than 4 or 5 seconds!  I had to stop to see if he had sucked my chrome trim off the side when he went by, and retrieve some clean underwear out of my suit case in the trunk!

All I can say is look out for Smokey Bear because you may never see him coming, ha ha!

We will see you somewhere soon I am sure, and there should be a whole crop of new photos on here soon! Photographer Lynne D’Aloiso has some great photos to share with everyone!

Bear out!