Letter From the Editor – April 2020

As I peer out the window this cloudy overcast Easter morning I think we face heaven and hell, life and death.  This Covid 19 stuff is serious.  It really gets our attention doesn’t it?  No better time to pray than now!
Yes, as our hot rods and classics sit in our garages collecting pollen we wonder when this is going to end, does it even matter that we sit at home wondering why this is happening to us.   CHINA
One thing we need to remember is that China is not our friend, and the sooner that we bring our factories back from them the better off we will be.  Are you reading this you Greedy business owners? They have been sticking it to us for 25 years or more with their dishonesty, and junk crap they send to us  here in the USA!
THANK GOD for our President Donald J. Trump. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican, he is the right man for the job, love him or hate him.  He has been trying to open every ones eyes about China. As I write this as of Easter, in my opinion, they have blood on their hands from killing over 20,000 Americans as of today!  They have sent pandemonium across the whole world due to their lies about the virus and their Bat research they were doing that created this virus and many others.
We will recover from this Virus because we are Americans.
We will be stronger than ever too! Just recently I purchased some car parts online to work on a project in my  garage since we are not allowed to work right now. As usual, the Distributor I ordered was made in China and I got it through Amazon. Delivered in 2 days to my home, great right?  I dropped it into the engine and it just didn’t feel correct to me. It  fit slightly loose, and if it doesn’t fit right it surely will destroy the camshaft and distributor gear. I pulled it back out after a second fitment just to make sure and measured it with a micrometer. The aluminum housing that it was produced with was 28 one thousands of and inch to small.  How the heck do you screw something up that bad?  CHINESE JUNK! So I sent it back for a refund.    Then next I called Summit Racing for a distributor. It was twice as much through them, but hey surely they don’t sell junk right?  My new  distributor arrived well packaged and really pretty, but it was made in Taiwan OMG!
Well now what do I do? Ok, so I have it, lets drop it in?  The 350 Chevy cranked right up and sounded great…………..Once it got to full operating temperature it had a miss in it above 2500 RPM’s. Ok, checked everything from plugs, wires, cap, rotor , and all looked good!  I put the timing light on it and right on the money, as it should be on this engine, 6 degrees BTD.
SOUNDS GOOD UNTIL ITS FULLY WARMED UP.  I checked for vacuum leaks next,…….. none! Pulled the QJet carb apart, all looked good as it should. I knew the problem had to be electrical, but checked  anything I could think of anyway.
Surely it couldn’t be my second new Distributor, could it?  I pulled the distributor out a second time, and sure enough down in side you could see where it had been shorting out against the side when it warmed up. When it was cool it ran perfect.  Sent The POS back to Summit so it could make its long boat ride back to Taiwan………………….Damn POS!
Took a used 1975 HEI covered with grease and spider webs laying in my barn, and cleaned it up. Now it runs perfect.  MADE IN THE USA.
On this same project I ordered both lower  and upper radiator hoses for this car, neither one fit correctly. I had to alter them to fit. I took as much   as  5 inches off of one of them and twisted it to get it to work. Made in China! I could not find hoses for it made in the USA.
I do not know about you, but I could write a book about junk engine parts I have gotten over the years that where made over seas that did not fit correctly or leaked, failed etc. I am over it, how about you?
Hopefully we will be cruising soon.
Say a prayer and keep your distance, and your hands clean.
Bear out!