Letter From The Editor August 2015

     Hello everyone! I have really been slacking on editorials this year!  I have only been to a couple car cruise-ins. I have also been working 7 days a week for 4 and a half months. I don’t have a running car at this time but I should have my 1966 Chevelle 300 Deluxe running soon.

 I guess things will never be the same as they used to be, and for us old car people it just drives us nuts. Things were so much more fun before all these Jap cars came to our land. They all look and sound the same! RRRRRRRR-RRRRRRR-RRRRR out the single tomato juice can mufflers, it drives me nuts. 4 door sardine cans! How can anyone think a 4 door Honda lowered down with black rims and a 4 inch muffler with a chrome tip be at all cool?

 I feel sorry for the kids today. If you can get a kid to go to a car show with you, by all means do!  If you can make a project with your sons, daughters or the grandkids please do. Together we can teach them that real cars have chrome bumpers. I know it is really tough to work on cars anymore with the cost of everything these days, but it’s the time spent with the kids that is paramount anymore.

 Maybe I am just getting old and cranky but I don’t like the way things are changing anymore. Some 19 year old kid in a Nissan ran into a friend of mine on I-85 last week merging onto to the freeway. This kid came down the ramp and literally drove right into the right front corner of my friends Silverado with his left rear quarter panel. As soon as the impact happened with this kids sun roof open he took both hands off the wheel and displayed 2 middle fingers.  Once pulled over he began to cuss out my friend for not slowing down to let him in.  It took much restraint from this guy not to DOT HIS EYES if you know what I am talking about.

  He said listen genius, you are merging into traffic not me. Obviously you have no idea how to drive down a freeway on ramp and blend in with the traffic flow. He told him to get back into his car and shut the —- up or he would have more bruises than on his car! When the NCSP showed up the kid started running his geeter again to the officer, and the officer politely told him to get back in his car or he would put him in the back of the cruiser.

 The Trooper asked my friend what happened and he told him. The Trooper said he pretty much could see that. The kid got a ticket and an a– chewing from one of North Carolinas finest. I hope the kid learned something because he is pretty sure that he was texting when it happened as well. It is a dangerous world out there!

 The moral to the story is, let’s teach the kids right from wrong when driving because I don’t think the Driver’s Ed. teachers are anymore. Of course if you are 18 or over, all you have to do is pass the written part to get your license with never having driven a car in your life. Crazy deal eh? After all your kids, and or grandkids lives depend on it!

Well have a good day talk to ya next month!  Bear out!