Letter From The Editor September 2015

  In this era of 787 Boeing Jumbo Jets, 7/11 Big Gulp 64 ounce drinks, Big Macs, and 700 cubic inch racing motors big is big!  I attended the Inaugural Danchuck Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green Kentucky, and it was held at Beach Bend Raceway. When you talk big it was big!  In all my years I would have never dreamed that you could get 2000 1955-56-57 Chevrolets AT THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME!

   To me it was like going back in time except for a lot of  ugly looking 16 to 22 inch wheels on some of the cars. Every color combination they had was represented. Some fully restored cars to original specs to highly modified cars. Many original unmolested cars were there also, and those are my personal favorites.

   There were cars and parts for sale in an area also, and it was really something to see. One gentleman had a 50 x 50 tent set-up with nothing but original never out of the box NOS parts. I was like a kid in a candy store looking at them and it was hard to believe they still existed to that extent? I could tell you all that was for sale in that tent but, I was thinking that I probably didn’t have the extra 2 hours to tell you.

   On display was one of the 1939 General Motors Parade of Progress Busses, and for a small donation they would allow you to crawl up into it, and get behind the wheel, how cool is that?  The same group had the First produced 1955 Chevrolet 265 engine on display and it had the 00001 serial number on it !

   They had set up an area on the oval track at the raceway for an Autocross. Many, many guys went out to see how fast they could get around the course and it was fun to watch!

   If drag racing is your thing watching the ¼ milers thunder down the track was fun from mild to wild. We saw a 1957 Bel Air 2 door hard top streak down the track at 8.88 seconds in the quarter mile WOW! We also saw some rookies that had no idea what they were doing and it was fun to watch. A whole gang of 50’s and 60’s era gassers showed up and really put on a show both days, wheels in the air with those old 283’s and 327’s turning 7000 RPM’s when they dumped the clutch. You just have to love it!

   Every Motel in the area was at least 90% 55-57 Chevys in the parking lots. When you got back to the motels at the end of the day, many stories were told in the parking lots, and bedtime wasn’t until midnight it seemed.

   Beach Bend raceway also has a 60’s era amusement park for the kids and camping area available.

   What a fantastic car show or actually it was a spectacle. I cannot wait until next year’s show it will probably be even better! Many thanks go out to Danchuck and Woody’s Hot Rods for sponsoring the event. Check out the photos we have posted!

 Until next month keep the dirty side down!  Bear out!