Letter From the Editor 1-01-19

WOW, its 2019! The Poinsettia’s are wilting, and the Christmas lights are turned off and dangling in the wind hanging off the side of the house. The New Years resolution’s are being made, and will be broken soon! As the years go by do you ever wonder why everything changes so much? For instance why does everyone want fuel injected LS engines? Sure they are nice, but damn they are expensive! I like old school cool! Give me and old 396 Big block with a carburetor over one of those anytime. They look better than and LS and it is fun to change the points and condenser too! That’s correct points and condenser. I guess I just do not like change. I like old cars with 14 and 15 inch wheels . I like 4 speed transmissions. You can keep the 6 speeds and the new 10 speed autos! I am old School! Remember when an AM/FM was the rage with an 8 track player, I do and still love them. I wonder if anyone ever figures out how all the options in these new vehicles even work? I recently took a trip in a 2018 Ford Expedition and drove it 1500 miles and never could figure out the following in 6 days. How the hell to turnoff the heated steering wheel. Who the heck even needs that option? The adaptive cruise control? It about threw me into the windshield a couple times? I know how to drive I do not need a computer thinking I am getting to close to the vehicle in front of me. Who knows how to turn that off , no idea? It has AM/FM and Sirius XM. HOW THE HECK DO YOU SWITCH IT FROM ONE TO THE OTHER? I had to pull over to figure that one out………Several times! Oh and what about the tiny wiper on the back window? Really cute but what the hell is that for, the soccer moms to look cool  because it doesn’t do anything for me, just worthless! Oh, and the gauges look nice, all 26 of them. Is it necessary to have the heater controls so you and your passenger sitting 2 feet from you can be at 75 degrees and you at 68 degrees? Its a joke. Remember the good old days? The fan switch was high, medium, or low. You slid the heat/ cool lever one way or the other.

And are we so lazy we have to push a button to start the car? Who dreamed that up? So the key fob is in your pocket when you get out of the car for second, and leave the car running and the horn starts blowing as to say hey you left me running! No shit I know that! What college educated idiot at Ford dreamed that one up? Oh, and I do not need orange flashing lights on the exterior mirrors to let me know there is a car next to me on the interstate highway that’s what the mirrors are for! I could go on and on about all the BS they put on these things but I won’t. The sticker price on the thing was $75,000! 10 years from now nothing will work, and you wont be able to afford to fix it. You can keep all that crap and give me a old Chevy Truck with a 283 Powerglide and a radio with two knobs on/ off and tune. Plus the key goes into the ignition switch were it belongs. Oh yes, and if I want to blow the horn I will push the horn ring on the steering wheel! Am I just getting old and cranky? I guess I am because between all the distractions they put into these new vehicles the idiots still have their phone in their hands texting. I miss the old days and the kids today will never be able to know how great it was. Hope to see you at a cruise near you somewhere this year! Be carful out there because nobody is paying attention to anything anymore while driving. Bear out!